Never Scoop Litter Again

The Self-Cleaning Litter Box That Gives You Your Time Back

Picture yourself never having to scoop litter again. No more daily chore interrupting your schedule. No more smelly odors in your home. Just pure convenience and freedom thanks to the automatic self cleaning litter box.

Auto cat litter box cleans itself after every use, separating waste into a sealed compartment while leaving clean litter behind. Your cat always has a fresh, clean space to take care of business.

You'll save time, avoid messes, and have peace of mind with the convenient automatic litter box:

- Built-in sensors detect usage and trigger cleaning cycle
- Patented sifting system filters out waste clumps
- Odor control via integrated air filters & antimicrobial materials
- Red indicator light notifies you when the waste bin needs emptying
- Durable construction made to last for years

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Q: How does it work? Sensors detect when cats enter/exit, initiating a self-cleaning cycle. Waste is separated from clean litter, then deposited in a waste compartment.

  2. Q: What litter to use? A: Compatible with most clumping litters; high-quality, low-dust, and unscented recommended.
  3. Q: How often should I empty the waste compartment? A: Frequency depends on number of cats and their usage patterns; every few days is recommended for cleanliness and odor control.

  4. Q: Is the litter box suitable for all cat sizes? A: Yes, it fits cats of various sizes and breeds comfortably.

  5. Q: How noisy? A: Our box is designed for quiet operation; its mechanical sounds during the cleaning cycle are minimal and won't disturb cats or households.